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Holy Salt of Halo (Animated Item) D.R.P.G. :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 7 5 Ear Buzzed (Animated Item) D.R.P.G :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 4 24 D.R.P.G News Letter 1(Please Read Description) :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 6 3 The Tamers Scarf (Animated Item) D.R.P.G./andNews :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 3 7 Pet Chocobo :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 6 6 Anonymous Egg Icon Animated :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 3 10 Octo (Attack 1 Animated) D.R.P.G :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 5 5 Destin (Attack 1 Animated) D.R.P.G :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 4 8 Dancing Oka Pengu :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 8 6 R.I.P. Sweet Pup (animated) :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 9 4 Katoo (Attack 1 Animated) D.R.P.G :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 10 9 OkaPlays (Attack 1 animated) D.R.P.G :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 10 12 Alexandrite (Attack 1 Animated) D.R.P.G :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 7 10 Deviant RPG (Read the Descripton) :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 2 7 Literal usernames :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 6 14 Exeggutor Dancing Page Doll :icongreyhatgraphics:GreyHatGraphics 7 14



Holy Salt of Halo (Animated Item) D.R.P.G.
Some people say no one likes having salt rubbed in there wounds. "Well we aren't some people." 
We've found that using salt on yourself during a battle......gets us really pissed.....huh...i guess we technically don't like it th-Never mind! You get the point! 

1: A character holding this item will built up there rage meter quicker by rubbing salt on there wounds. 
2: Character holding this item will be stronger against ghost and other paranormal enemies. 
3: If Oka holds this item it will weaken her powers, due to it's holy essence. 

Info: This item is given to you by Halo. However he will only give you the item if Octo is on your team. 
And remember. No salty salted salt is more salty then the salted salt of Salty Halo. ..........its very useful for assaulting people. 

In honor of this gay baby: SaltyHalo
Ear Buzzed (Animated Item) D.R.P.G
Even though a fabric head piece with and electrical current running threw it sound like a terrible idea, there shocking pretty good! These googles bot harness electric engery as well as keeping your ears warm and eyes protected. 

1: Boost the power of the wearers electric moves. 
2: Boost the users agility. 
3: Has a chance of stunning an enemy that makes physical contact with the wearer. 

Info: This item is given to you by Andy. But why do her ear muffs have electricity ruining threw them??? Hmmmm..........Metal..........electricity..........that must mean she's a....................METEOROLOGIST!!!!! 

In honor of the one and only: AndanteAntagontist
D.R.P.G News Letter 1(Please Read Description)
Hello everyone and welcome to the first official Deviant R.P.G news letter. I'm going to do this from time to time for updates questions, and input. 

I thought id start by clearing somethings up. 

                                                                                              [What the big deal with D.R.P.G?]

You are probably wondering why i'm doing things such as making a newsletter for something as small as my pixel animations. While this may just be a few animations that i'm uploading at the moment, I plan to make D.R.P.G into something bigger (preferable a video game). There is no promises as of now, due to the fact i have now experience with making games and first have a lot of preparation i will need to do. But do have and entire story planned as well as plenty of characters an mechanics, as well as a personal friend of mine who is an excellent coder and has volunteered entered to help me. So the chances of this becoming a real game are actually pretty good. 

                                                                                                     [Can i be in the game?]
The cool thing about deviant R.P.G. is that the majority of the N.P.Cs as well as main character are all personas of actually Deviant artist. Also many of theses N.P.Cs will bear an item relating to the artist. This means that you get to actual be in my game! However please do not ask. I am not even working on the N.P.Cs yet and getting request to be in the game will only slow things down. I'm not saying any of you would or have done this. But i see this happen to many other artist.

                                                                                           [How come I don't have and item or N.P.C.?]
 As of now i am not taking any request and the people being chosen are long time supporters and friends. If you do not receive one it does not mean you wont in the future, neither does it mean a person who got one before you is of more importance. I just make them as an idea pops in my head so the timing in witch people get one will be very random. There are actually quiet a few of you who i very much want to make an item for but have not thought of a good idea for. Each one is special and i put a lot of work into coming up with them. 
Also. I am working on items right now, so if you get an item you will also be receiving a N.P.C. 

                                                                                                            [Current news]
There are 4 new animated items on the way. Each one is in honor of and inspired by a Deviant artist i know. Meaning four people will be getting an item real soon!!! I have already sketched them out and now i just need to animate them! :D 

I am also going to start uploading enemies in a week or so. 

                                                                                                     [Thank you for reading!]
Comment down below to join the D.R.P.G. Notification Crew! You will be put on a list to get noted of new animation, newsletters, Ect. You don't want to get an item and not know do you? ;3  
The Tamers Scarf (Animated Item) D.R.P.G./andNews
The Tamers Scarf is much more than just an ordinary piece of clothing. It has the power to make dragon favor you. No one is quite sure why, however some say that out of the corner of their eye, they've seen it move. But that crazy..........right? 

1: Boost the power of the wearers fire type moves. 
2: If confronted by a dragon. The creature will go to sleep and not fight you causing the battle to end. 
3: On random occasion a dragon will swoop down and deal fire damage to your enemies. 

Info: This scarf is given to you by Dani (NPC sprite will be released in a futuer post), a boy who is an expert on and loves dragons. He is not very found of the idea of the party hurting dragons and gives them the Tamers Scarf, so they can Tame them rather then fight them. The Tamers scarf is a great item to equip Destin with to boost his fire powers. 

In honor of the fabulous

                                                                                                                          [News Letter ] 

1: Hi everyone. More Items, enemies, and NPCs will be be coming out soon. Remember to check often, there just might be one made just for you. ;3 

2: If you would like to receive a note update each time a new animation comes out please reply to the comment (D.R.P.G. notification Crew) in the comments below. 

3: Please do not ask for one. The process of coming up with them, what they do, how they function, making and animating them, is not easy. Yes the majority of them will be made in honor of actual Deviant Artist, but i decide when and to whom they are made for. If i know you then you probably are already going to receive something in the future and asking me for something will probably get it taken away. Keep in mind this only applies to this project, I will still be doing art trades, making concept sketches and excepting suggestions, but not pertaining to D.R.P.G. Thank you for reading and understanding.


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